Senior Pastor Apostle Shirley J. Jones Image Senior Pastor - Apostle Shirley J. Jones

Apostle Shirley J. Jones serves as the Senior Pastor of Rehoboth Family Life Center (RFLC) in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. RFLC is a church dedicated to the healing of families to heal the nations. The Lord has given her the charge to make disciples, help them identify their spiritual gifts and set up platforms of opportunities for their gifts to be exercised, and then release them into their divine destiny. Her mission is to push His people forward so that the world may be saved by those birthed out in the spirit.
She is a pastor, preacher, teacher, author, and visionary, who has a heart and love for God and His people. She avails herself as a vessel unto the Lord that the Kingdom of righteousness may come upon the earth. As an author, she has written Lifeline: When God Speaks, Volumes 1 & 2, which were birthed out of times of God speaking life to her that she may speak to others. Lifeline, the words that push and position us forward. Lifeline: Songs of Encouragement is a four-song worship CD that was birthed out of her time spent before the Lord in prayer and in expressing her gratitude to Him. Her current book, ABCs of Leadership, contains principles of becoming and being a leader based on the principles of God.
Apostle Jones hosts a broadcast, Lifeline, the first Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. on When Christian Speaks Blog Radio Talk Show. The broadcast, which airs throughout the world, allows her to share the gospel and set up a platform for others to come and share words of life and encouragement. She is also a writer for Hidden Strength Newsletter, where she submits articles quarterly to encourage and give hope to those who may have lost their way.
She is the proud mother of two sons and five grandchildren. Family is so important to her, and she enjoys seeing them grow and move into purpose and destiny.
Apostle Jones has declared that she should be about her Father’s business and acknowledges that her life is to be an available vessel to be used to set the captives free. She desires to spend her remaining years furthering the Kingdom of God. She feels honored and so blessed that God would choose her to deliver His Word and to love His people. She gives Him all the glory. There is no other place that she would rather be than in the hands of her loving Father.

Executive Pastor Irma N. McKnight Image Executive Pastor - Irma N. McKnight

Irma N. McKnight is an ordained elder and has served in ministry for over twenty years as a teacher, preacher, minister, counselor, and intercessor. She currently serves as Executive Pastor of Rehoboth Family Life Center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. 
With a burning passion for seeing God’s people healed and walking abundantly in that which God has called, Pastor McKnight and Apostle Shirley J. Jones co-founded Rich Robes Ministries Inc. (RRMI) in 2005. RRMI is a nonprofit outreach ministry in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. In 2009, they launched Rehoboth Family Life Center, a church that points people toward the truths in the Word of God and helps meet the spiritual and natural needs of individuals and families. Pastor McKnight serves both behind the scenes and upfront to help drive the vision of Rehoboth throughout the congregation and the community.
She has authored and published two books, Mourning Into Dancing and A Sickness Not Unto Death. Furthering her love of the written word and desiring to see God’s people spiritually fed, she established Kingdom Living Publishing (KLP) in 2008. Since its inception, KLP has produced over fifty books under traditional and self-publishing platforms. 
She was employed with the federal government for over 30 years as a Program Analyst for the US Environmental Protection Agency, and a Public Affairs Specialist and Writer/Editor for the US Army. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and advanced degrees in Management and Supervision and Counseling. She is completing the requirements for a doctorate in ministry.
God’s grace and His mercy have allowed her to look beyond what she can see and to feel more than she can touch. She desires to continue to be used for God’s goodness and His glory and to make known His faithfulness to all generations. All praises belong to Him!